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Fun with Exchange 2000 in a legacy domain

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

I had an issue where multiple users were unable to access Outlook.  They were receiving a password prompt upon launching the application.  I needed to find out which Global Catalog server the Exchange server was binding to, which you can do with the trusty old netstat command piped to findstr (which just isn’t a patch on grep, sorry Microsoft):

C:\>netstat -a | findstr ":3268"  
TCP    exch-srv01:1170  CLOSE_WAIT 
TCP    exch-srv01:1171  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1174  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1175  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1186  CLOSE_WAIT  
TCP    exch-srv01:1187  CLOSE_WAIT  
TCP    exch-srv01:1189  CLOSE_WAIT  
TCP    exch-srv01:1221  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1223  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1237  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1238  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1429  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1431  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1910  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:1911  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:5452  CLOSE_WAIT  
TCP    exch-srv01:10412  ESTABLISHED  
TCP    exch-srv01:10414  ESTABLISHED


The output of the netstat command was a little worrying as the Exchange server was only set to bind to DC04 & DC05 because DC13 was to be decommissioned as it was very sick.

The resolution was easy enough; you just need to uncheck Automatically discover servers and remove all but one GC in the Directory Access tab of the Exchange servers properties dialog in the System manager to force it to bind to a specific DC.  Once it works add the other GC(s) back in and enable automatically discover again.

NB: This is an excellent troubleshooting method if you’re having authentication problems with Exchange &  don’t know which DC is causing the problem; just connect to each one in turn until you find the culprit.

Bind to specific GC

Now comes the fun of removing the meta-data for DC13 as it wasn’t cleanly removed (DCPROMO failed to de-promote).  :-/